About Us

Our History

Chainsaw Safety Specialists, LLC is a chainsaw safety training organization located in Northern Wisconsin. Jim Olive has been involved in professional chainsaw safety training for 22 years. He began his career as chainsaw safety trainer in the logging industry, then decided to start his own business, Chainsaw Safety Specialists, in 2012. His many years of experience gives him the background and knowledge needed to provide premier chainsaw safety training to anyone who uses a chainsaw.

Since 2012, the client list has grown to include: the WI. DNR, WI. DOT, MN DOT, MN DNR, MN STS ( DOC ), as well as many other state organizations. In addition, several insurance companies that insure municipalities and counties, county governments throughout WI. and MN., and individual groups such as Trout Unlimited, Boy Scouts, Iowa Rural Electric Co – op, WE energies, and WPS, are counted among his clients, just to name a few.

Our Services

Jim's training programs include coverage and explanations of OSHA Regulations as well as:

1. Required PPE including required and /or recommended items and when those items need to be replaced.

2. Chainsaw maintenance detailing information on daily and periodic preventive maintenance. Items covered include bar and chain maintenance, drive system maintenance (sprocket, clutch, clutch bearing), filters, and spark plug. More advanced maintenance training is available based on participant requests.

3. Saw chain sharpening with demonstration and hands on participation. Additional training covers information on how the cutter works, types and sizes of chains, files, different types of filing methods, guides and gauges available and how to use them. In addition, Jim teaches proper bar/chains combinations for best performance, different styles of cutter and their specific uses and much, much more.

4. Demonstration and hands on training on proper felling techniques. Discussion will include 5 step felling plan, different types of felling methods along with advantages and disadvantages of each. We also provide training on directional felling techniques, wedging, proper notching, back cuts, etc.

5. Proper limbing and bucking techniques including specialized cutting methods to prevent injury and enhance safety, efficiency and quality.

We will customize your training experience to meet specific needs.